This Land is Our Land

Nina Paley Chiaroscuro
I’m old enough to remember the 6 Day War. Like many around the world I was cheering for the Israelis; underdogs fighting overwhelming odds.

I’ve been confused by the situation in Israel ever since.

Then I watched Nina Paley‘s brief video (below) and realised that it’s quite simple. I’d understood perfectly all along.

I’m also old enough to realise that I’ve been wrong about many things I thought I knew. The news media, controlled by the 0.1%, bear a lot of the blame for my ignorance. In the midst of the 6 Day War reportage, for instance, there was scant reference to the culpability of the West, particularly the British, who’d made promises to the Palestinians, and then stabbed them in the back.

No wonder the Palestinians were, and still are, mightily pissed off.

Along came Viet Nam. I swallowed the Domino Theory peddled by politicians and the media. I was in the Navy then, and fully prepared if called upon to charge off to South East Asia to deal to those Commie Bastards in North Vietnam.

It was years later that I learned that we had caused the mess in the first place. During World War II we swore to Ho Chi Minh that if he helped us to boot out the Japanese we’d protect his people from French domination when the war was over.

They did their bit and we dropped them right back into the hands of de Gaulle and the Foreign Legion.

They too were a little annoyed.

We’ve been at it ever since: Iraq, Iran, Latin American countries by the handful, Afghanistan, Libya… on and on and on

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This Land Is Mine from Nina Paley on Vimeo.

Dr Jane Kelsey: calls foul on the TPPA

This is important

  1. The TPPA isn’t a trade deal; it goes far deeper than that. I have reservations about a deal of which we really know nothing.
    If a free trade agreement can’t be fully described in a couple of A4 sheets of paper, then it isn’t a free trade agreement.
  2. The Americans will never give an inch on trade without taking a mile. Or on anything else come to that.
  3. People are saying, “Our great and glorious leaders would never sign up to something that isn’t in our best interests.”
    Really? Remember Vietnam? Afghanistan? Iraq? What’s good for politicians isn’t always what’s good for the suckers who voted for them.

Here’s a real expert.

Professor Jane Kelsey remains remarkably civil whilst trying to inform the smarmy middle-aged adolescent, Mike Hosking: