The Union Jack

Lots of Kiwis passionately believe that it’s a great idea to have the Union Jack on our national flag.

I disagree, but strength to their arms anyway. 🙂

Just wondering whether the Poms feel the same way: or the Jocks? Taffs? Ulstermen? Any takers for the Union Jack?

Let’s see…

Cross of St George flag
This one is named after Dunedin’s main drag.
St Andrew's flag
Och aye, th’ noo…
This one seems to be named after a soggy golf course.
Welsh flag
Cer i grafu…
The Poms got George’s cross, so the Dais settled for his dead dragon.
Ulster flag
T’ be sure now… at least it’s distinctive.
According to Google, a discarded body part of a self-mutilating political wannabe called O’Neill.