Congratulations Robbie, but scrap the Crusaders please

Go Robbie

Good luck to Robbie Deans in his new job as Wallabies coach. He’s a professional coach and just like all our doctors, plumbers and electricians he’s fully entitled to go where the money and the career challenges take him. How many of the whingers would turn down a $1,000,000 salary package for doing a job they’d probably do for nothing?

Good on you Robbie.


Having said that, I think his obvious bitterness over the appointment of King Henry to the All Black’s coaching position was unwarranted. The majority of the people asked in innumerable polls were in favour of Graham Henry’s reappointment. A refreshing change from previous World Cup witch-hunts. Graham Hart will be justifiably fed up that we didn’t treat him so kindly. As he said at the time of his own AB’s demise, “You can’t play the game for them.”

Robbie will only be 52 when the next AB coach selection takes place. A damn sight younger than the Great Redeemer was when he first got the job. It would be good for all concerned if he got over his tizzy. Those of us who’ve been around for a while have all had our disappointments.

Running with the fox and the hounds?

I’m unconvinced that he should have been allowed to continue in his Crusaders’ coaching role. Bad call NZRU. I’ll get over it as long as it’s only for next season, but it’s a bad decision. Was this an appeasement with an eye towards 2011?

Of course, in 4 years time, there’s no outcome for the Rugby World Cup which won’t produce wailing, gnashing of teeth and choruses of “We told you so’s” on one side of The Ditch – or both.