Keeping ahead of Botswana

Catching up with Australia? Not at this rate

After 50 years of economic blundering it’s a big job to explain New Zealand’s economic doldrums in 6 minutes. In this video Paul Newfield has a good stab at it. If you plan for a future in New Zealand, please listen to Paul. His message is vitally important and it only takes 7 minutes.

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In a nutshell:

  • By 2025 we’re on track to be overtaken economically by Botswana and Khazakstan.
  • We’ve gone from being the richest country in the world to being 32nd by Paul’s count. According to my current figures we’ve sunk much further: to around 51st. Probably because his figures are for the OECD only. There are plenty of countries not even in the OECD who’ve left us in their dust.
  • Not covered in the video: since 2008 we’ve fallen 5 places in OECD per-capita GDP rankings, Australia have risen 5 places. Catching up with Australia seems to be needing little more work Mr Key.

Decades of economic vandalism and political opportunism have left us watching our children departing our shores in droves. We’re paying to educate the builders of the Australian economy. A million Kiwis are living overseas. That’s 20% of our population.

After you’ve watched this short clip please put aside an hour to watch the late and very much lamented Dr Sir Paul Callaghan’s entertaining, fascinating, but frightening presentation which you can see right here. The actual video is an hour and a half, but the last half-hour is just audience questions and not vital to the message. Sir Paul set out to find out where we’ve gone wrong and nailed it. Our current government made hime New Zealander of the year in 2011 but totally rejected his message.