Online Privacy

Postcards from the edge

When you enter any data onto any device which will be connected to the Internet, that information becomes public knowledge. If you wouldn’t put it on a postcard, don’t put it on a computer, phone, or tablet.

Big brother is watching

And if he’s not reading your stuff right now, he’s keeping it for later. The 2018 Facebook fiasco revealed to the world what was actually no secret; Facebook, Google, YouTube, Amazon, and many other organisations are monitoring you, and they’re selling what they know.

Over to techno-sociologist Zeynep Tufekci


You are the product

You are not a customer of Google or Facebook, you are their product. they sell access to your data to businesses, political organisations, governments, Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all.

That is how Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page became billionaires. They make money from adverts, and the more information about you that they can supply to their advertisers, the better they can target the ads, and the more money they make.

But it’s not just about people trying to sell you stuff. It’s also about people choosing who rules the world, who leaves the EEC, whether Scotland leaves the United Kingdom, and what you believe about climate change.

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

Here, an Al Jazeera report explains how personal data harvested from people like you an me was used to influence the US presidential election, Brexit, and who knows what else.

These were close political polls, so it’s probable that Cambridge Analytica, and the people who hired them, decided the final result.

And here’s the brains behind the data harvesting explaining the deal.