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In the “Why didn’t I think of that” category …none of the above button

In the Listener a while back letter writer John Mihaljevic, prompted by the dubious selection of Auckland mayoral candidates, suggested that all ballot papers for national and local body elections should include the option: “None of the Above”.

Furthermore, John stipulated,

“Any election in which this option receives the most votes should be repeated, without any of the candidates being allowed to take part, except, perhaps, to pay for it.”

Right on, John. Excellent idea. Let’s do it. Retrospectively would be good.

I’ve yearned for such an option, but hadn’t the wit to suggest what should have been such an obvious and potentially invaluable follow-up rule. I really needed this in the 2008 election. I voted National because the alternatives were worse and because I hoped that they had a cunning plan. They didn’t.

I didn’t make the same mistake in 2011.

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